Sunday, October 27, 2013


Employment is such a big problem here that it was nice to see a woman who, having taken a simple class on how to create a special putty, has created a thriving cottage business with several employees.  The basic element of the clay she uses is corn starch mixed with dyes and special hardeners.  Once mixed, they have about a day before the putty hardens to a texture and hardness comparable to clay from a kiln.  We ordered several Nativity scenes from her and bought some other things.   It was a fun little trip to San Cristobal.

Using cap from ball point pen to apply small colored circles

On occasion we have the opportunity to meet and socialize with other missionaries.  Here we are at a restaurant in the “Colonial Zone” where some couples performed typical Dominican Dances for us:  bachata, salsa and Marenque.

We accepted an opportunity to help 6 families get food at the bishop’s storehouse.  Then we loaded 4 grown men in the back sit with a pile of food in the back of the truck and drove first to San Pedro de Macoris and then to Consuelo, about a 1.5 hour trip one way where we delivered the food.

If only I had purchased that winning lottery ticket!
The Guerrero family finally constructed a support for the coop water tank.  It isn’t exactly what we would have done, but hopefully it works and the important part is that it is their solution.  The other 4 smaller coops are finished, just waiting for the Guerrero family to finish their project.  We hope they finish soon so the chickens can be purchased.  It is difficult to have patience, but we are letting things move at their pace and trying to let them confront problems by themselves.
The following is a Guagua that has been entirely gutted out and is now in the process of being restored


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