Sunday, October 20, 2013

131020 Truth or Consequences

It isn’t every week that we have someone checking up on us to see how we are doing, but this week was the test.  About five times a year we have visitors from Salt Lake checking on us to see how project are coming along.  This week we had Kelvyn and Kay Cullimore here to review our Food Projects.  It was great to rub shoulders with them and get their input on the projects.

The Ocoa Garden Project showed some great gardens.  We hope to see more gardening projects in the downtown area next time we go out, the Branch President said they had chosen eight families to start with.  The plots in Parra are in their second production cycle and providing many types of vegetables.


On Wednesday we all piled back in the pickup with a new chicken coop in the back.  This coop was delivered to the Martinez family and then we were off to visit the other four coops that have been built in Monte Plata.  We were hoping to deliver chickens this week, but only one person is ready, so they have to wait until we have at least five families to make the transport cost worth it.


We did learn that it was chiggers that have bitten us the last two times we visited one of the families in Monte Plata.  This time we were prepared with our insect repellent and came home without a single bite!
Thursday we went with the Cullimores to a Wheelchair meeting.  Kelvyn Cullimore was the former Wheelchair specialist and had permission to review policies on next year’s shipment.  In the evening we had a “pow wow” with the Reyes and Crismons; they will provide consistency in the food projects after we leave.



It was a good week, but we realize we only have four months left in our mission, so there will not be any time to start new food projects.  We are grateful that we have been able to start two good food projects and will be supervising these until we return home.
Since arriving Wallace has taken up playing the Ukulele.  We were asked to sing at a farewell devotional Saturday night and we are uploading the video for your enjoyment.



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