Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MTC Experience

We entered the Mission Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah on the 23 March 2012 and left there at 3:00am Friday, 6 April 2012.

This is a link to some pictures from the MTC. PICTURES 

The first week we were there was devoted to training in "Preach My Gospel" that gives basic training to proselyting missionaries.  The training applies indirectly to us in that a big part of what we will do in the Dominican Republic is to build relationships with governments and non-government humanitarian groups.

The 2nd week was devoted to Humanitarian Training specific to our assignments.  We had the opportunity to tour Welfare Square in Salt Lake City.  Following our tour we were treated to a formal dinner in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where Elder Rudd was the speaker. 

The Church cannot solve all the problems in the world, so has selected to have a major impact in 5 different areas:  Clean Water, Food Production, Wheel Chairs, Vision and Neonatal Training.  A lot of what we will do is locate potential partners for these type initiatives and help them achieve their goals.  We were trained in the process of finding and working with partners and how to manage projects.  We already have been told we will have the opportunity to work on all 5 of these initiatives in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to these 5 initiatives, we have the opportunity to find, develop and manage other "Area Initiatives" which we locate and feel are worthwhile projects.

Our MTC experience was great, but we are ready to leave and go to work.

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