Sunday, September 29, 2013


A watercolor created by Wallace.  All he thinks about is chickens, coops and gardens!
The main activity of the week was preparing for and assisting to construct our 3rd chicken coop in Monte Plata.  We haven’t quite arrived at the point that someone else is putting together the “kit” so Wallace purchased the supplies and put together another kit.  Saturday morning we carted all the stuff to Monte Plata where there was a group of men waiting for us to work.  We had intended to just drop the kit off and let them do their thing, but the family to receive this kit lives a ways out of town and they were hoping for us to provide help with transportation.  We ended up staying the entire day. 



We also had the opportunity to inspect what the members had done to finish up the last two coops.  They did a great job.  At least two families are ready for chickens.

What a surprise it was to find that the wild chickens that are running around the neighborhood liked the first coop so much, that some old mother hen took a liking to the nest box and actually laid 3 eggs.  The magical coop is producing eggs and we haven’t even purchased any hens yet! 
Beautiful flowers growing at the home of the Mieses Family:


  1. I love the watercolor!!!! I didn't know that Elder Haws was also a watercolorist....I want one.

  2. That pretty good that the chickens just came. In Guam there were a lot of wild chickens running around too.

  3. If you build it they will come! You built the coops and the chickens came to approve the construction. You must be doing 'grade A' okay! : )