Sunday, September 15, 2013

130915 Helping Babies Breath

Our opportunity of the week was to help with Neonatal Resuscitation Training (NRT) and Helping Babies Breath (HBB) training.  Dr. Lloyd Jensen and his wife Chantel  Jensen, Dr. Nordel l Brown, and nurse Jen Smoot were here all week training doctors and nurses in these two courses. 

We took the specialists to the Colonial Zone for a quick visit.  They purchased some trinkets and beads and we were able to see the retiring of the colors.


We also visited a maternity hospital after the training.  There are on average 90 births a day at this hospital.  There was a set on conjoined twins born the day we visited.  One had already died and the other was soon to follow.  There are so many challenges and the doctors and nurses do the best they know how.  Hopefully the training will save more newborn babies in the critical first six minutes of life.

The fruit shown below is “guava” fruit.  It can be white or red on the inside and makes a distinctive flavored batida (smoothie).  This is the first time we have tried it.  Our caterer brought us some from his tree.  It is supposed to be very healthy.  You simply add a little water and a little sweetener, blend, strain the seeds out and add ice. We actually like it!


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  1. Ah, what a wonderful work you both are doing. And to have los Jensen there again. They are such great people.