Sunday, June 23, 2013

130623 Doble Proposito

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We took another trip to look at chickens this week.  The highlight of our trip was to La Moca, a city about 1.5 hours drive north of Santo Domingo to visit with a fellow who is willing to sell us a “Doble Proposito” chicken for $30 pesos each which is about 75 cents each.  What we like about this chicken is that it is not a hybrid chicken.  It is called a Doble Proposito because you can use the same breed for eggs, meat and to reproduce.  They are a sturdy hen, able to endure harsh conditions and do not require such expert care.  The families will be able to have a rooster and some hens and let nature take care of giving them a perpetual supply of little chicks without depending on world markets or local monopolies.  At least we can now give the members a choice.  We are glad we made extra effort to learn more about chickens.

Leon and Marilyn Button, good friends of ours, and also a senior missionary couple serving as secretary and area historian for the Area Presidency, also from Mesa, Arizona went with us to La Moca.  Leon is the brother to our sister-in-law, Trulee Carpenter.  It was a lot of fun to have them with us making a long trip much more enjoyable. 

Edith, Marilyn and Leon Button

Gabriel Ramos explaining about his chickens

How does this darn thing work anyway?

Wallace is so much into chickens now that he is already planning a coop with chickens, quail and 2 rabbits.

We took advantage of the trip to go see the Salto Jimenoa in Jarabocoa since the Buttons had never been there.  This was our 4th trip to the falls. 

Look at that big one!

Marilyn and Leon Button

Wallace with his Dominican Ichiban

We took the following pictures during our visit to Los Americanos hospital in Los Alcarizzos.  We are working with them to organize a new Vision Project for the La Romana area in the Southeastern area of the county where we have never done a project yet.

Reach for it!

Is this thing real?

What is that in there?

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  1. It's very cool that you found a chicken that is not a hybrid (triple purpose!) so that the people can have local production and a local economy. I hope the Dominicans, like many other countries world-wide, are wise enough to bar genetically engineered seeds to keep their legacy agriculture intact.