Sunday, June 16, 2013

130616 La Gripe

Well the title of the post pretty much describes our week.  The flu (gripe pronounced greepai) caught up with Edith starting on Monday and it was Thursday morning before she felt like she was coming out of it.  Wallace was still recovering from his bout with the flu from last week.  So the protocol this week was to stay pretty close to the apartment.  No ventures out to expose anyone.   The first day out was Friday afternoon.

Humanitarian work did go forward through emails and phone calls, thanks to modern conveniences. We made headway on 3 major projects (projects which originate from humanitarian headquarters in Salt Lake).  The Neonatal Resuscitation Training project shipped supplies this week.  The training scheduled for Sept 9-13 should be able to proceed as planned.  We also started arranging for another shipment of wheelchairs to the DR.  The Vision Project finally got off dead center because the in-country vision doctor made contact and explained that she has been on medical leave, but is now back and ready to proceed with the project. 

So what do Elder and Sister Haws do when they are tired of working on projects?  GENEALOGY!  Dead people don’t care if you are sick.  Do you know who your ancestors are and where they came from?  It is sure a lot of fun to find out!  This kind of research can really grab you!  Edith helped another missionary get started on her family history this week.  Here is a picture of Edith helping Marsha Walker. 

When Wallace is going crazy locked up indoors, he plays the ukulele.  

Ukulele Wally
We thought these pictures taken by other missionaries would be entertaining to you.  We personally are always watching for the record number of people on a motorcycle.  3 people is nothing.  4 is not too uncommon.  5 is rare.  6 people at a time is a record shot.  It gives new meaning to "family transportation".

Scenes like the following are easy to find.



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