Sunday, May 12, 2013

130512 Oh My Sore Toe

Well it finally happened! Somehow, someplace Wallace picked up an infection in his big toe.  It was a nasty little germ.  There must have been a point of entry, but we could not see it.  He just woke up with a sore big toe last Monday morning and it started to swell and hurt. Dr. Walker, the mission doctor, started an antibiotic Monday evening, but by Thursday the infection was growing and was still quite painful.  The doctor changed medications and Wallace finally started feeling better on Friday and by today (Sunday) he was able to wear shoes and go to Church.

Here’s Wallace with an onion poultice on his foot.  Something like this certainly makes you appreciate good health!
While this was happening, our Physical Therapist specialist, Steve Spencer, arrived from the US.  Edith made arrangements for transportation to get he and his wife around since Wallace, the official chauffer was unable to walk or drive.  Also a second therapist arrived on Thursday, Dell Felix.  The therapists were here to conduct three wheelchair training sessions. Edith doesn’t drive in the DR and had let her International Driver’s License expire.  Now she is reconsidering renewing her license so she has the ability to drive in an emergency.

The first of the three wheelchair trainings was held last Friday, 10 May.  Eleven therapists received review training on how to properly fit wheelchairs.  Here are a few pictures from the event.
Dell Felix, Ann and Stephen Spencer
New wheelchair brings a smile to Van Troi Perdono pictured  with his therapists Luis Castillo and Juan Carlos Rosario

Moises Figuenoa, a polio victim, received a new standard chair.  He is a member of the Church from Monte Plata

Nine year old Anthony Santos is interviewed by therapists, Yubelys del Villar and D. Almonte

Steve Spencer measures with his hand the proper comfort space for Dioni Lora as his therapists, Zoila and Nelson look on.

Miguel Montaña is measured

Trainer-therapists complete the review course:  Juan José, Ruth, Nelson, Zoila, Yubelys, and Darling Almonte with recipient

Our neighbors, James and Joy Crismon who are also humanitarian missionaries had a terrible thing happen to them today, Sunday.  They were walking toward the subway station when Sister Crismon tripped or slipped on some newly trimmed tree leaves/branches, fell and broke her hip.  Luckily she fell only a few hundred yards from the house.  We were not at home and did not find out any of this until in the afternoon.  She needs hip surgery.  They are trying to figure out how to go to Miami, Florida to receive the operation and then go home for recuperation and therapy.  This is so sad because they were making a major contribution.  We are very sad for them and pray the Lord to bless them.  Joy continues in her cheerful sweet frame of mind in spite of the trial that has come into her life.  She is such an example to the rest of us.


  1. Wow! First a toe and then hip. Sounds like you all ought to be careful! May the Lord bless you always.

  2. Oh, Oh, Oh my big toe! Sorry to hear about the ache and pain. We feel the pain all the way to Mesa! Hope you're feeling better soon and that Edith drives safe until you are back on your feet.

    By the bye, Happy Mother's day Edith.
    Jeff and Dorcie