Sunday, January 12, 2014


A street carnival is such a rare sight we thought we would name our weekly blog in honor of it.

The highlight of the week was a tour we organized of the chicken/garden projects in Monte Plata with our supervisors the Crismons and the Area Welfare Manager, Julio Cesar Acosta.  Julio, as part of his duties, has visited numerous chicken projects scattered throughout the Caribbean area.  But he had never visited our project in Monte Plata.  The scope and design of our project is unique among all the Caribbean projects because it incorporates a “kit” idea for 12 hens and a rooster and includes a garden with each family project.  Most people were skeptical of what we were doing, but we are beginning to see results and after this visit we were so pleased to have Julio give his approval and support of what we are doing.  It made us so happy!  We have a sense of great accomplishment and hope the seed of this idea will bear fruit long after we have returned home. The following are pictures taken during the tour.

Video translation:
Haws "What do we have here?"
Julio "This is one of the small coops we are constructing using the excellent design that has been prepared by Elder Haws.  It will be a great blessing to many families!"
Haws "Thank you!"   Julio "Si, Si"

A large iron pot sitting on an open fire is a very common site back yards.  It is used primarily to cook sancocho (Dominican Stew).  (the latrine is in the background—also a common backyard feature.)

We are fortunate to have a patio area that is really nice this time of year where we can study our scriptures or play Dominican Dominoes which we really love to play!

Two Missionary Couples are leaving the DR this month.  Vicki and Chuck Rucker (from Maricopa, Arizona) and Leon and Jane Leavitt had their farewell speeches Monday the 6th of January.  It is hard to say good-bye to those we have associated with for the past twenty-one months.  It was also a birthday celebration for Joy Crismon, our missionary neighbor. (She got to pick out her favorite birthday hat while we sang to her.)  It is hard to believe, but it will be our turn to give our farewell speeches the 1st Monday of February.

Wallace has become quite the chef.  Here is a picture of one of his breakfast creations and a picture of him displaying his favorite Dominican sauce—Ranchero Liquido.



  1. What are we going to do without reading your blog every single Sunday? You two pretty put in your papers again so there will be no hole in the communication! We want to thank you two for the absolutely incredible job you have done while serving as Humanitarian missionaries. We are so blessed to have served with you in this great work. We look forward to the next two blogs and then your final "overview." Suerte en todo!

  2. If I was cooking outdoors a lot I think i would use a rocket stove.

  3. A great Blog, and some wonderful experiences to share. Dorcie and I have enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing!