Sunday, November 17, 2013

131117 Slings in the Dominican Republic

We are assigned to visit with a pair of missionaries every Monday so they can practice their Spanish and discussions.  Somehow we got on the subject of slings and they ended up asking Wallace to teach them how to make a sling, which he did.  The Elder on the left is Elder Stichfield going to Puerto Rico.  The Elder on the right is Elder Haws from Mesa, Arizona going to the Santiago mission.  We didn’t know Elder Haws before this.  He is a relative a few generations separated from us.
This is Elder Leon and Marilyn Button from Mesa, Arizona.  They are finishing up their mission this week and returning  to Mesa, Arizona.  Leon is Edith’s brother’s wife’s brother.
We had one closing this week of a project with a hospital called Santo Socorro.  Santo Socorro is a public children’s hospital that many members use.  Some of the items we donated are behind the people in the picture. The members recently did some great service projects for the hospital as part of the World Day of Service.  They spread gravel in their parking lot, painted and cleaned up an outside area.
The following are a couple of people we see often during our morning walk.  Wallace gives Edith a Spanish lesson during each of our walks.  Edith concentrates on walking without falling into holes.  Wallace gives the lesson material.
The first picture is of a man who cooks “tostones” for sale (flatten banana rounds fried).  His are unique because they are the only ones we have seen to have beef mixed in with the bananas.  We haven’t purchased any so we cannot vouch for their taste.  He starts with slices of green bananas, cooks them in fat, then presses them flat, adding the meat during the flattening process.  He finishes the process by frying them again and salting them.
The above picture is Anna Maria in front of her house on Cervantes street.  She has a big dog (behind the fence) that could eat you up in one gulp if it was hungry.  We gave a pass-along card to Anna the other day.  She expressed interest in receiving a Book of Mormon and is now taking the missionary lessons.  Wallace passes out cards nearly every day on the walk.

This man is carrying what looks like a bed frame on his motorcycle.  The only unusual thing about it is that it appears he actually has it tied down instead of just balancing it!
This is a picture of some missionaries getting together at Elder Rucker’s B-day party.
Chuck and Vickie Rucker; Jill Dunford, Leon and Marilyn Button, James and Jill Crismon, Wallace and Edith Haws
We are singing a song we made up about Elder Rucker.  It was fun and great entrainment.  Too bad Wallace didn’t have his ukuwally with him that evening!


  1. I'm surprised that it took you this long to make slings in the DR.
    I'd actually like to taste one of those banana things. I'm sure that it is safe after being fried twice. :)

  2. One of the ward members in Guam from Puerto Rico taught me how to make tostones. They are very good. We enjoy your reports. Happy Thanksgiving!