Sunday, March 31, 2013

130331 Still before the Storm

The last couple of weeks have been very calm for Elder and Hermana Haws.  The biggest news is that their new neighbors finally moved in.  Joy and Jim Crismon from Pleasant Grove, Utah moved in on March 9th. 

This is the Crismons standing in the front entryway to the Almacén del Obispo, which also serves as our front patio.

Food projects have been the main focus of the past two week.  Los Haws’ have now introduced the project to 14 units of the Church.  Each group is urged to find their own techno or adviser.  Quotes for materials are finally starting to arrive.  More research is needed to make the Chicken projects fly. 
 How many laying hens should be purchased up front?  How many fryers will a family be able to manage and market?  What breed thrives best in the country? Without enough experience in this area it is a little bit of the blind leading the blind.  We are still looking for that great “expert”.

With the arrival of the Crismons ADR graciously gave the group a tour of their facilities.  ADR is one of our Wheelchair Partners.   They offer amazing services to the poor of this country.  If you have been reading our blog you have heard their name mentioned several times.  Here are some more pictures of their facilities:

                                                               Carlos Zometa 
Carlos is a member of Rotary International in Santo Domingo.  5 years ago he started helping ADR.  He is still active in Rotary, but now he donates every day of the work week except Wednesday to ADR.  He is a wonderful man and a great friend.  The following are a few pictures from the tour he gave us and the Crismons this week.  We love their manufacturing plant of wheel chairs and prosthetics.


So what is the still and what is the storm?  Getting to work from home has been the still before the storm.  Next week the storm starts as we meet with our Neonatal Specialist, Dr. Jensen and the Ministry of Health in what we are sure will be very long meetings to develop a very important training for doctors.  Also coming up in about four weeks will be the arrival of our Wheelchair Specialist, a physical therapist, who will conduct several days of training for our wheelchair partners.

Sunday we drove to Los Llanos to introduce the Food Initiative to a little humble branch of the Church there.  Here are a few scenes from our visit.

In spite of the face Wallace is pulling as he examines “Guandules”, we love guandules!  They are something very similar to peas, but grow on a small tree or bush.

They are selling gas   (there is gas) not hay for the cows and gas


  1. Well, you continue to provide leadership in lots of areas. Please give abrazos y saludos a los Jensen. Who is coming to do the wheelchair review? Los Spencer? Good luck to you all. Keep posting great blogs.

  2. I am amazed at all that you are involved with.