Sunday, January 6, 2013

Out with the Old

Out with the old—in with the new!  2012 is over---2013 is here, believe or not.  Time is flying.  We have now completed 9 months in the Dominican Republic.  Christmas is celebrated in the Dominican Republic until 7 Dec when the 3 Kings show up with more gifts for the children.  Christmas songs are still going strong.  We discovered it is very difficult to get anything done between 25 December and 7 January so this week was pretty uneventful.

Sheredith and Wesley were here until Tuesday afternoon so we have an opportunity to take them to Tres Ojos, a cave in Santo Domingo and to the Colonial Zone and one last dinner at Andriannes Tropical, a restaurant on the shore of the ocean where they were able to experience eating mufongo and tostones.

We really enjoyed our time with Sheredith and Wesley.  We doubt they will ever forget their visit to the Land of the Free!

Rosa Paulino, the Public Affairs person for the Restauradores stake invited to lunch at her house.  Sancocho (Dominican Stew) was cooked over an open flame in the back yard.  Later we ate inside the house adding rice to the sancocho.  She just kept piling on the food until we had eaten it all and felt like fat pigs when we left.  Between other missionaries and other people we eat with in their homes, we find it very difficult to control our diet or our weight. 

We’ve started a new exercise routine.  We’ll see how long it lasts.  We walk 1.5 miles to a park directly across from the Temple where new trails and exercise equipment have been installed and then walk 1.5 miles home.  It takes us an hour, but we feel the investment in our good health pays dividends in a better attitude and abilities during the day.

We finished the week by driving to Nizao to attend regular church meetings and to check with the 2 branch presidents who meet them to see how they are doing on the food project.

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  1. That exercise equipment is really cool. I wish they had had it while we were there. : )